Central Tulare County Subsidized Housing Referral List

These listings provide information on a variety of properties in the area that provide affordable housing opportunities for low-income to moderate-income families, seniors and the handicapped throughout Tulare County. The listings are specific to housing complexes that are not managed, owned nor are associated with HATC. However, such complexes have been developed through the utilization of a variety of federal, state and other local subsidies. The character of the projects and the qualifications for admissions vary for each site. Unit availability, rents, and rental subsidies are administered by the subject property management agent. HATC does not have oversight or jurisdiction over any of the following projects. Interested applicants can apply by contacting each project and are subject to the regulations and procedures that govern each complex.

The following is a list of subsidized housing complexes within Central Tulare County, including the communities of Exeter, Farmersville, Goshen, Tulare and Visalia. (Links to North County and South County properties are also included below)