Unit Referral Listing downloads

The following are links to pdf files listing units in Tulare County that are available to Housing Choice Voucher holders. These units have not been approved and must be inspected to pass quality standards. Please note that these lists do not include every unit available to Housing Choice Voucher holders, but rather the units that landlords have chosen to list.

If you are a landlord with units that you would like added to, or removed from, these lists, you may call the Housing Authority office nearest the location of any of your vacant, or soon to be vacant, units. You may also call 559-627-3700 ext. 0, to add or remove unit listings. Since the list is shared across the offices and on the website it is only necessary to call one office to add units to, or remove units from, this list.

These lists were updated Thu Jun 13 2024 03:56pm