Board of Commissioners

Our Board of Commissioners functions much like the board of directors in a large corporation. The Board is responsible for setting organizational policy and hiring the Executive Director.

The Commissioners are business and community leaders, representing the interests of the county, and are appointed to four-year terms by the Board of Supervisors. To insure adequate representation, two of the Commissioners are residents of the Housing Authority and one must be a senior citizen.

Whether reviewing a multi-million dollar development or studying a community's housing needs, the Board never loses sight of it's primary goal - the needs of the individuals who make every Housing Authority development a home.

The only difference between our Board and that of a private corporation is that our Board's major compensation is a sense of pride for their positive contribution to the quality of life in Tulare County.

Any correspondence can be sent via email to, or via postal mail to PO Box 791, Visalia CA 93279.

Board Members

John L. Hess, Chairperson

Judy A. Silicato, Vice Chairperson

Ken Kugler, Secretary/Executive Director

Tomas Velasquez, Commissioner

Sharon Chavarria, Commissioner

Raymond Macareno, Commissioner

Joanne Walters, Tenant Commissioner