Section 8 HCV Portability

"Portability" is defined as the ability for a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holder to move from the jurisdiction of its current housing agency to the jurisdiction of another housing agency operating a Housing Choice Voucher program.

Current Section 8 Participants

To be eligible to receive a portability voucher you must:

  • Currently live in this jurisdiction;
  • Be at the end of your current lease or;
  • Have an Early Lease Termination form signed by your landlord or;
  • Give your landlord a 60 day written notice and provide us with a copy. (Must occupy unit under the Section 8 contract for over one year)

Call your Eligibility Clerk and schedule an appointment to submit:

Your clerk will use the Portability Request Form to prepare your portability packet. You will need to let us know what Housing Authority you want to move to. To identify the appropriate Housing Authority, see the listing on HUD's web site or contact your Eligibility Clerk.

The Housing Authority will not process portability requests for participants who are making payments on a repayment agreement. At such time as the debt is paid in full, you will have the option of moving to another jurisdiction.

Transfer your paperwork: Once your paperwork is complete your packet will be ready for mailing to your new Housing Authority.

NOTE: Housing Authorities often have different Income Limits, Payment Standards and Subsidy Standards (the number of bedrooms you qualify for). Always verify this information before you move to a new Housing Authority.

How to Transfer to Tulare County

Contact your current Housing Authority:

  • Find out if you are eligible to port out.
  • Request that your Housing Authority prepare your portability packet and forward it to:

    Housing Authority of the County of Tulare
    ATTN: Section 8 Portability
    P O Box 791
    Visalia CA 93279

    Or FAX (559)733-0169

Call (559) 627-3700 ext. 151 or email to find out if we have received your packet and to make an appointment with the portability clerk.

If any items are missing from your portability packet you may be asked to provide them before we can complete your transfer.

Remember you have an obligation to provide all necessary paperwork to the Housing Authority.

Additional portability related questions may be emailed to