Conventional Public Housing


HATC has implemented a Smoke-Free Policy at all of our Public Housing units. Exposure to second hand smoke is a health hazard, especially for children, the elderly and persons with chronic disease. The United States Department of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) is requiring all public-housing authorities agencies (PHAs) administering public housing, to implement Smoke-Free Policy through a new rule (24 CFR Parts 965 and 966). The Smoke-Free Policy was adopted by our Board on July 19, 2017. Below please find a copy of the Smoke-Free Policy and subsequent Smoke-Free Policy Lease Addendum. The Smoke-Free Policy is effective as of April 1, 2018. All current and future Tenants must sign and abide by the rules outlined in the Smoke-Free Policy Lease Addendum. As clarified in the Smoke-Free Lease Policy; Tenants and Tenant’s guests shall not smoke anywhere in the unit, including outdoor patios or in any of the common areas or adjoining grounds.

This policy was passed by the overseeing Board of Directors in order to be in compliance with the noted HUD rules and to protect the health of our residents, staff and guests. We hope this policy helps everyone to breathe easier and live healthier.

The Public Housing Program provides rental assistance to low and moderate-income families and individuals. The Housing Authority owns and manages all rental units offered under this program, which is located in communities throughout Tulare County.

The four main areas are: Visalia, Tulare, Porterville and the north county area, which includes Dinuba, Woodlake, Cutler, Traver and London. Each area has a separate waiting list, but you may apply for any or all of them at one time.

When you apply for housing, you must inform us of your current income. You must also give us the names and Social Security numbers of family members who will be living with you so we can determine what size home you will require.

You will be screened for eligibility as a resident. The screening process includes an unannounced home visit, a look at current and previous landlord references, a criminal records check and a credit check. Sex offenders are excluded from the program by Federal Law.

The Housing Authority must find acceptable housekeeping standards and good rent-paying habits, or your application will not be accepted. Families who are disapproved may appeal.

You will be placed on the waiting list. From time to time we may check to see if you are still interested. You must reply to our letter immediately to stay on the waiting list. You also need to let us know right away if your address, income or family size changes.

When your name reaches the top of the list and a unit is going to be available, the Housing Authority will ask you to come to a meeting. During this meeting, we will tell you where the unit is located and explain the program in more detail. We will also verify your income, and citizenship or eligible alien status.

Through the Moving to Work program, rents are fixed based upon the unit size your family qualifies for. Water, garbage, sewer, a stove and a refrigerator are included in your rent payments. There is a five year time limit to this type of rental assistance in most cases, because the fixed rent amounts help families to stabilize their housing costs as they work to achieve self-sufficiency and save for other housing opportunities.

Elderly families, whose head or co-tenant is over 55 or disabled or handicapped that do not possess the capabilities to work, will have their rent based on their income rather than the flat rental amounts, however time limits do not apply to these households.

Once you are housed, you must maintain the home and the yard. Some pets are allowed with prior approval and an additional deposit. Remember, it is important to report any changes in your family size to the Housing Authority. We will inspect your home and re-verify your income once a year.

Applications are only taken online.
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