Farm Labor Centers

The farm labor program provides housing to very low, low and moderate-income families with two to nine members who have current farm labor income.

Under this program, the Housing Authority rents over 400 units to non-migratory farm workers for very low amounts. We also offer rental assistance when needed. Farm labor centers are located throughout the county in five different locations.

All applicants will be screened for eligibility. Screening involves an unannounced home visit, a look at landlord references, a credit check and a verification of your income.

To be accepted into the farm labor program, the head of household must be a citizen or legal resident of this country. You must also meet a minimum requirement for income from farm labor, or for days worked in farm labor during the last 12 months.

Once accepted, you will be placed on the waiting list. Your place on the list depends on three main factors: the amount of your farm labor income, the amount of your total family income and the number of bedrooms you need. The length of your wait is also based upon the number of families vacating units at a given time.

Once housed, you must maintain your own home and yard, and you must continue to work in farm labor. Each year the Housing Authority will inspect your home and re-verify your income and family composition.

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