Other Housing Opportunities

The Housing Authority owns or manages other rental complexes which are not included in other categories. These complexes are Sultana Acres in Sultana, La Serena in Porterville, Fairview Village and Willowbrook in Visalia and Parkside Court in Woodlake. Fairview Village, Sultana and Willowbrook are family complexes. Parkside and La Serena have units for families and for the elderly or disabled.

When you apply for housing, you must inform us of your current income. You must also give us the names of other members of your family who will be living with you so we can determine what size home you will require.

While on the waiting list, you may receive a letter asking if you are still interested. You must reply immediately to stay on the waiting list. You also need to let us know right away if your address, income or family size changes.

When your name reaches the top of the list and a unit is going to be available, the Housing Authority will schedule an interview. At this time, we will tell you where the unit is located and explain the program in more detail. You will be screened for eligibility as a resident. The screening process includes an unannounced home visit, a look at current and previous landlord references, a criminal records check and a credit check. We will also verify your income, and citizenship or eligible alien status.

The Housing Authority must find acceptable housekeeping standards and good rent-paying habits, or your application will not be considered. Families who are disapproved may appeal.

Once you are housed, you must maintain the home and the yard. Remember, it is important to report any changes in your family size to the Housing Authority. We will inspect your home and re-verify your income once a year.

The Housing Authority also maintains a list of other subsidized housing complexes throughout Tulare County which are not owned or managed by our agency. These complexes have their own separate waiting lists and you would need to call them for further information about current availability and application procedures. The list is available here.